Servatrice Administrator

We understand that problems come up from time to time when playing. We encourage players to try and work things out in a calm manor. However there are times that issue's arise and abuse happens. If you have tried to work things out and problems continue or players simply ignore the code of conduct you can use the "Report Abuse" link to report problems between players. When reporting abuse keep in mind that abuse reports are reviewed by owners and moderators as soon as possible but may not necessarily be reviewed immediatly when made through the web interface. If you feel that the issue needs immediate resolution please contact a moderator that is online at the time through the cockatrice application. Also depending on the severity of the abuse there could be as simple as a verbal warning issued.

When reporting abuse, please be as descriptive as possible. Put the date and time that the issue happened. The game number (if abuse occured in a game). Take a screenshot of the abuse and upload the image to a site such as (don't forget to include a link to the image in the description). Also include a summary of the problem as well as a detailed message of what abuse occured and the circumstances around the situation.

We will do our best to resolve the issue and apologize for any problems this may have caused.