Server Management Menu Logout

added: ability to search user bans under bannings management added: ability to search ip bans under bannings management

added: incorrect log-in attempts logging
update: added frame around the change log with table links matching the rest of the server management menu

update: added frame around code of conduct with a link to "home" to align page with other pages
added: password recovery functionality for users to click and reset there passwords
bugfix: corrected statistic page, removed extra/unused table row

added: moderators and administrators can now resend account verification emails to users using the account management page.
bugfix: corrected versioning numbers
bugfix: corrected account registration when using special characters in user names

added: added the ability to search for user accounts to update by email address

update: new user creation now verifies that email address is not already in use, if it is new account is not created
bugfix: updated authentication to verify if username exists if email address is already in use to display correct error message
added: added admin notes section to user account that can have annotations by the admins (only viewable by admins/moderators)

bugfix: web management interface now does not allow users to log in if there account is inactive
update: added the ability for admins and moderators to set accounts as active or inactive
added: email verification functionality for new accounts (can be enabled or disabled)

update: added email requirement to register account (for future email verification)

update: corrected escaping of sql entries when adding notes to complaints or while placing final verdict text in while closing complaints.

update: changed the update ban authentication to allow moderators rights to update ban information
update: updated the "view all bans" page to include buttons to update and delete the ban per row shown

added: added the ability for users to delete player avatars
update: updated the upload avatar functionality to be on a single user management page
bugfix: avatar functionality now passes user names correctly so admin/mods can now update other players avatars
bugfix: corrected versioning numbers to reflect letters as minor revision code
removed: md5 sum file containing checksums of all the files in the release

added: added ability for users to upload player avatars

update: updated add_user function to increase security against mysql injections (its dirty but should work for now)
update: updated update_user_table function to increase security against mysql injections (its dirty but should work for now)
update: updated add_abusecomplaint function to increase security against mysql injections (its dirty but should work for now)

remove: removed messaging functionality between moderators / administrators
update: updated "view all bans" page to sort by most recent ban first
added: created complaint management administrator portal and moved all complaint links under it
added: added screenshot url box on report abuse page for users to place the URL to screenshots stored on an image hosting site
added: added closing verdict field on complaints, now you must state a verdict to the case closure before closing

bugfix: fixed update user gender to always be lower case
bugfix: fixed add ban page to correctly identify logged in username to allow adding bans through webui
bugfix: portal_manageaccount now does not display message count in banner
update: view all bans now sorts banlist by date order
update: changed the "description" box to a textarea for easier reading when viewing closed complaint details
update: changed the "description" box to a textarea for easier reading when viewing complaint details
update: changed "read message" to "inbox"
added: ability to send messages to "administrators" or "moderators" group listing, name lists are built through config file
added: created outbox to view a summary of messages that havent been read
added: statistics.php page now accepts date variable and passes it accordingly to the displayed statistics page
added: daily statistics (games/transfer) now excepts date variable passing in the URL.
(ex: http://website/statistics_usersgamesdaily.php?date=2013-03-24 will show the stats for 03/24/2013)

update: added auto refresh to each of the statistics pages to refresh every so many seconds defined in the config file
update: added the ability to turn on or off the complaint management portion of admin site through config file
update: added the ability to turn on or off the message management portion of the admin site through the config file
bugfix: updated updateaccount.php to correctly adjust user settings when admin's edit account information
bugfix: allow administrators to change user priv levels back to user

update: configured claiming complaints to not allow moderators to claim complaints about themselves
added: ability to view closed complaints from the bannings menu

update: complete rewrite of authentication to allow for different privilege level understanding
update: added admin/mod count to top of message management page
update: added message count to admin portal pages
update: added ability to go back to message list when viewing a message
update: added registered user column to "view user logins" to identify if a username is registered or not
update: statistics page "home" link will now base href on privilege level and redirect clients according to logged in privilege level
update: delete a message page now uses checkboxes rather than radio buttons to allow multiple messages to be deleted at one
update: send message now allows multiple users to be specified in the "to" field. use ; as a delimiter between multiple user names
bugfix: allow ban's to include special characters
bugfix: allow ban's to be created through web ui for longer durations than a single digit time frame
added: user portal
added: user portal urgent message
added: user report abuse page
added: user view administors / moderators page
added: logged in user name for all portal pages
added: logged in moderator count on admin portal is now a link that will popup window containing moderator/admin names
added: logged in users privilege level to all admin portal pages
added: admin abuse management capabilities. take ownership, add notes, and close complaints filed by users
added: admin's have the ability to update ban details. increase ban time, update reason information.
added: admin "locate user logins" shows an admin/moderator all sessions of user by username
added: admin "locate user logins on ip" shows an admin/moderator for all user names based on ip address
**NOTE** locate user logins by ip is to be used with an understanding that most users have a dynamic ip address **NOTE**
**NOTE** and it is possible that a users ip address may change and could be end up to be used by another player **NOTE**
**NOTE** without there knowing. **NOTE**

added: added cockatrice_cocreport table in database for code of conduct reporting
added: subject line to messages
update: added subject line to cockatrice_usermessages table for message subject line
update: added ip address listing to the admin_viewban page
ui: added statistics link to admin portal page

bugfix: messages contain ' can now be sent
added: reply button to view message screen
added: created link off server management portal page to view changelog

added: md5sum file containing sums of all files in release
added: changelog created
added: admin/moderator message system
added: admin/moderator view page under "account management"
bugfix: admin being able to demote a moderator/admin
ui: corrected minor mis-spelling in view ban results
ui: updated all administrator portal pages to have similar layout